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Our Services

Available everywhere in Canada

360 ° accompaniment

From A to Z, we cover all stages of international recruitment. Your level of involvement in the process is yours to decide.

Legal services

At any given time, you have access to a lawyer specialized in mobility and immigration. The paperwork, we take care of it!

Francisation of the employee

Being already fluent in English, your employee could also arrive with Level 3 French and continue learning here.

Full integration

We facilitate the integration of the new employee, from his permanent residence to the immigration of his family if he so desires.

A structured approach

that has proved itself

Recruiting the right skilled employee for a strategic position is a crucial step for a company’s growth and stability. That’s why, as recruiters, we leave no stones unturned.

The process is clear, structured and transparent. At each stage of the mandate, you can be as involved as you want to be. Whether on a mission abroad at our side or via Skype from your office, the choice to participate in the process as an intervener is yours.

1. Planning & preselection of candidates

During a meeting with you and your team, we listen to your needs and requirements in order to establish a comprehensive profile. The analysis of the information obtained will be used to establish the profile of the employee to recruit and a game plan to find the perfect candidate.

Following our meeting, we set out a schedule of the key steps in the upcoming recruitment process.

With our partners based abroad, we are starting the recruitment process: canvassing, advertising campaigns in the local media and preselection of the best candidates.

2. Recruitment

After an analysis of the strongest applications, we conduct interviews and a series of audits:

  • Validation of technical skills
  • Verification of academic training
  • References from former employers
  • Verification of criminal records
  • Checking the health record.

We can then make an informed decision on the final selection and sign an employment contract with the chosen candidate.

3. Administrative & legal procedures

In partnership with a specialized lawyer, we take care of everything with Quebec and Canadian government authorities to authorize the reception of your worker within your company.

4. Reception, training and support for integration

We will pick up your new employee at the airport and we will work with him in his integration process by offering support during the first days in Quebec. We remain available throughout the process until the employee is ready to apply for permanent residence after working for 2 years within your company. We are also present if the employee wishes to bring his family to the country.

5. A skilled workers present with you

Your new team members arrive and join your company. At the same time, the RM team remains available to assist you in your future steps as needed, whether for the foreign worker and his / her permanent residence or for an application for family reunification.

A flexible and personalized business solution

The turnkey solution allows you to entrust us with your mandate and to be assured that a trained and integrated employee will be at your disposal in the required time, without you having to take care of anything. It is also quite possible to get involved in the process by my side or simply choose your “à la carte” package.





For performance and steadyness

Accessibility to specialized labor is a major economic issue for the development of Quebec businesses.

In a context where high-tech workers are scarce and in high demand, international recruitment is a reliable and intuitive solution to stimulate and consolidate business growth.

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