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Our mission is to help companies to continue their progress and achieve their goals through an ethical, transparent and sustainable over time recruitment.


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Our mission is to help companies to continue their progress and achieve their goals through an ethical, transparent and sustainable over time recruitment.

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For performance and steadyness

Accessibility to specialized labor is a major economic issue for the development of Quebec businesses.

In a context where high-tech workers are scarce and in high demand, international recruitment is a reliable and intuitive solution to stimulate and consolidate business growth.

We are listening

From our first meeting, we take the time to listen and understand your needs in terms of specialized manpower

We do the recruiting

With the collaboration of our partners based abroad, we recruit for you the best specialized workers around the world.

We take care of everything

Throughout the process, we take care of the selection, training and integration of candidates to offer you a turnkey solution: a skilled worker trained, integrated and established for the long term.

An intuitive experience

With 13 years of experience in human resources, my personnal mission is to meet the workforce, performance and stability needs of local businesses and entrepreneurs.

My name is Régis Michaud, and it will be my pleasure that my team and I will work with you and your company to find, train and integrate the candidate that is right for you.

Régis Michaud,
Founding President, RM Recrutement

Our company mission

Each one of our actions is oriented through our goal of becoming the reference in International Recruitment, thanks to a turnkey service offer and personalized support at all stages of the process.





It is with great satisfaction that I recommend the services of Régis Michaud.

His listening skills and ability to grasp the real needs behind our requests make him an outstanding partner for each of our recruitment projects. His intellectual curiosity and his understanding of the qualities required for a specialized position are, in my opinion, his greatest professional qualities.

His support has always been a straightforward and an effective experience, and we are always grateful.

Dany Cayouette

Vice President, General Contractor

When I met Régis, I quickly realized that I could give him more and more complex mandates and that he had all the skills needed to meet them with flying colors.

His skills in recruiting staff are major assets for all professionals who have the chance to work with him.

Martin Girard

Dir. Construction, Construction Citadelle Inc.

Trust is earned when actions meet words. Régis is the perfect example. Countless times over the years, he has demonstrated the extent of his work ethic and his expertise in the field of human resources.

His understanding of organizational issues at the managerial level is, in my opinion, one of his best assets.

Today, it is with great pride that I recommend him and his company for all your international recruitment needs.

Luc Boily

Director, Health and Safety (SST), A.C.R.G.T.Q

I met Régis on a board of directors and I quickly realized that I had a man that is trustworthy and proficient in front of me.

His leadership style, his ability to understand complex processes, and his problem-solving skills will be the qualities you will enjoy most when you work with him.

Éric Bernard

President, L’Expert Carrossier Rive-Sud

Des avantages à saisir

Le recrutement international est une solution beaucoup plus simple et accessible qu'il peut paraitre et elle comporte de nombreux avantages pour vous et votre entreprise.

Nos services sont conçus pour vous rendre l'expérience fluide, facile et sans tracas. Nous sommes là, du début jusqu'à l'arrivée du travailleur dans votre entreprise... et même après!


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